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Technical Support

Do you have questions about Pizzicato, its installation or its use?

First consult the FAQ page. FAQ means "Frequently asked questions". This page is accessible by clicking on the left button ("FAQ")

If you do not find the answer there, fill in the form below. Double-check your e-mail address so that we can answer to you.

Also specify your license number. If you have downloaded the demo version and use our technical support, use 99999 as license number.

Give us enough details about the problem you have so that we can help you efficiently. A remark like "It does not work" or "I cannot use Pizzicato" only delays the solution, because when we receive your message, we must send you another e-mail just to ask you more details about what really happens.

Then click on "Submit".


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Pizzicato Notation

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Pizzicato Beginner

Pizzicato Keyboard

Pizzicato Choir

Pizzicato Guitar

Pizzicato Soloist

Pizzicato Drums and Percussion

Pizzicato Composition Light

Pizzicato Light

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