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You Have Always Wanted To Teach Yourself Music...

Now is the time to do it!

By following the music course contained in Pizzicato, if you are a beginner, you will gradually learn:

  • What are the components of the music language
  • How music is written
  • What is the link between the score and what you hear
  • How to play simple scores on a music keyboard
  • How to start composing your own music

"Pizzicato is a Midi software for computer musical training. Many practical and theoretical exercises make it a complete and progressive method which also approaches the essence of Computer Aided Music without preliminary knowledge."

Micro & Music

The music course of Pizzicato contains a series of progressive lessons explaining step by step how music works.

Even without being a musician, you already heard about the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B.

They are the first letters of music.

Using practical and illustrated examples, Pizzicato helps you discover notes and rhythms, the staff, clefs, as well as the various graphic symbols found in a score.

Between the theory lessons, you may directly put theory into practice by using the basic score writing functions of Pizzicato Light.

You can therefore write your notes and rhythms and listen to them. You already go into the active phase!

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Learning And Playing The Music Keyboard

Once you understand the basics of music notation and you can add notes to the staff, Pizzicato provides a series of progressive exercises to learn to read simple scores on the screen.

If you have a musical keyboard connected to your computer, you will be able to practice the exercises with it.

You may also use the computer keyboard or the keyboard window on the screen:

"This software helps you to learn music, to make your first steps with the musical keyboard and to be familiarized with the basic tools to write a score"

Skynet Web Magazine

All right. Understanding music is a first step. Starting to read a score and play it on the keyboard is a second step. You are now ready for the next step...

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Compose Your Own Music!

You will then be able to read several lessons about music composition, and to make exercises thanks to the demonstration version of Pizzicato Professional, included in Pizzicato Light.

These lessons gradually guide you and explain you chords and how to sequence them to create a starting musical harmony.

Exercises are provided in order to bring you to structure chords by practice and experience.

Then, other exercises help you find a melody based on chords and also accompaniment melodies.

Slightly, you start to create your first chord progressions and melodies. In other words, you start composing!

"The idea is to allow anyone - even the one who has never seen a computer in his life or who ignores what a note is - to become a musician without difficulty."

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What Is The Price Of Pizzicato?

Our goal is to make music available to everyone. The price starts around $US 20. It is the price of "Pizzicato Light", our basic version. See the exact current price on the order form.

You can order it directly from our site. If you order a package, you will receive the box with the installation DVD by mail post.

Order Pizzicato Light now, by clicking here!


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