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15/12/2019 23:18 - Pizzicato on macOS Catalina

Hi Arpege team,

have finally upgraded my Mac to macOS Catalina as I need this for some dev-tools. Most software still works, unfortunately Pizzicato is one of the exceptions.
Hope Pizzicato 4 goes well? If it still takes some time, would it be feasible to recompile the last Pizzicato 3 version for 64 bit?
Would be great! Pizzicato still has a unique combination of features that isn't easily found in other software.

Thanks and all the best

Ferdinand - Germany

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18/12/2019 20:51 - RE : Pizzicato on macOS Catalina

Unfortunately, Pizzicato is not ready at all for 64 bits compilation. I am working on Version 4, but the first public release of it will still be 32 bits. So unfortunately do not expect to run Pizzicato on Catalina before at least 2 years.
You can still install a previous version of Mac OS on a disk and launch it from there.

Dominique, Belgium

19/12/2019 22:56 - RE : Pizzicato on macOS Catalina

Hi again,

I am happy to report that the Windows version of Pizzicato seems to work flawlessly on macOS Catalina when using Codeweavers CrossOver 19. They pulled off the hard work of getting a 32 bit process to launch inside a 64 bit process, so 32 bit Windows software can be installed and run inside a 64 bit CrossOver installation.

They haven't merged this capability to the free version of Wine
yet, so one needs to buy the commercial Crossover version 19 for the moment. No need to have a Windows license though, so the price is imho still ok, considering that it is more convenient than dual booting etc.

Have also tested Pizzicato 3.6.3. This version starts but has some redraw issues (e.g. the text in the license registration dialog briefly become visible and then disappears). But as there afaik aren't major differences between the two versions this shouldn't matter.

Have created a Windows 10 32 bit bottle and selected the "unknown application" profile - works out of the box.

Please test Pizzicato 4 with Crossover (or Wine the free Wine if the code is merged by then). This could be a way out of having to wait 2 years...

Thanks and all the best

Ferdinand - Germany

02/01/2020 19:57 - RE : Pizzicato on macOS Catalina

Thanks for the additional information !
Don't use version 3.6.3, it was experimental, but version should work fine.

Dominique, Arpege, Belgium

03/01/2020 17:04 - RE : Pizzicato on macOS Catalina

Have submitted Pizzicato to the Codeweavers compatibility list, people can now post their experiences:

Ferdinand - Germany

12/01/2020 11:52 - RE : Pizzicato on macOS Catalina

Thanks !

Dominique, Arpege, Belgium


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